Image Fashionwear/Biotechnica Safe-Skins™

"...grow it on a collagen base, but it's mink DNA."
- Molly (
Neuromancer by William Gibson)

A range of very attractive and cleverly armoured clothing, made from a wide variety of furs, leather, and reptile skins vat grown on collagen bases. What makes this clothing unique from all other armoured clothing is that whilst still in the vat Biotechnica use nanites to weave a dense polymer thread through the skin, in effect giving the clothing skinweave armour.

Cost: Ignore the multiplier for leather, and triple the armour multiplier. (Chromebook 4)

Game Notes: Fur comes in grades of 4, 6, 8, & 10SP, Leather/Skins in grades 4 to 16SP.
All armour is one level less to spot than the equivalent level in skinweave (e.g. SP 10 is Impossible 30+ to spot).