Fist Of Fun

The Fist is a Black Market hand-to-hand combat weapon, recently invented by a street-tech who wanted to add more power to his punches. It consists of an large kevlar glove which sports four 2cm wide special cups on it's oversized knuckles; into these cups go blasting caps whose exposed surfaces are coated with a contact epoxy. When the wearer punches someone between one to four caps will stick to the target and then be pulled from the cups, activating their three second fuses. Now here's the important part, which past users sometimes forgot, the user must then move a safe distance away from the target before the caps detonate.

Game Notes: On a successful attack, roll hit location as normal, then roll 1D4 to determine how many caps stuck to the target. Even if the attack is blocked, caps can still stick to the blocking limb (GMs call). A Fumble means that a cap has stuck to the wearer's clothing, or has activated prematurely, and the user has only 3 seconds to get rid of it (if he notices it).
EX -1 P P 2D10 (over 1m) 4 1D4 UR 200eb (5eb for extra caps)

Air Burst Flechette Grenade

A lozenge shaped grenade that can be fired from most 40mm grenade launchers. When fired, the grenade lands on it's weighted end and a secondary charge propels the top three-quarters of the grenade 4 feet up in the air; It is at this point that the grenade explodes spraying a 10m diameter area with fast, sharp, drill like metal flechettes.

Game Notes: Everyone in the blast area is hit with 1D6 flechettes, each doing 2D6 damage. Treat as a knife for AP effects (half soft armour, full penetration damage).
HVY -1 P R 1D6x2D6* (over 5m) 1 1 ST 100eb