Detectors & Scanners

Detectors can be used to detect weapons, explosives, chemicals, and cyberware, they usually can't tell the operator exactly what is being carried, but it will alert him if it detects something.

To see if an automatic detector spots weapons, explosives, chemicals or cyberware carried by a PC/NPC roll 1D100 under the percentage determined from the table below, the more someone tries to get past the detector, the more likely it is to pick something up, so add all modifiers together when multiple items are being taken through.

Scanners are similar to detectors, but try to determine what it is detecting, they tend to be more thorough than detectors, but can be fooled by disguising the weapon or cyberware. These are usually used in public places where it's be to time consuming to search everyone who set off a detector.
GMs should roll once for a scanner to see which weapons or cyberware are recognised, each item should have it's own percentage chance to be recognised for what it is.

Please note: these rules are still in the play-testing stage, so if you have any feedback please e-mail it to me. Thanks.

Base Chance To Detect / Recognise 70%
Detector / Scanner Quality Mod
Poor (Clubs) -20%
Average (Schools) +0%
Good (Corps, Scanway) +10%
Excellent (Pentagon) +20%
Scanner Manned by Trained Operator  INT+Notice%
Weapon Detector / Scanner Mod
P Concealability +10%
J Concealability +15%
L Concealability +25%
N Concealability +30%

10 Rounds of Metal Cased Ammo

Low Metal Content (tasers) -10%
Non-ferrous Weapons (plastic pistols) -20%
Shielded Case or Cyber Compartment  -10% to -50%
Chemical & Explosive Detector Mod

Per Clip of Ammo (not ETAE)

Per Clip of Explosive Ammo +20%
Per 1 concussion or frag grenade +10%
Per 2 smoke, flash, or mini-grenades +10%
Per 30g of non-plastique explosive +10%
Per 100g of plastique +10%

Per Dose of Dangerous Gas/Toxin

Air Tight Case or Compartment -10% to -50%
Other Strong Scent Used to Confuse -10%
Cyberware Detector / Scanner Mod
N (neuralwear options) +0%
M (processor) +10%
MA (optics, hand) +15%
CR (limbs) +20%
CRx2 (Full Borgs, except Gemini) +30%
Subdermal Pocket, Skinweave, etc -30%
Gemini Borg +20%
Non-ferrous Cyberware -20%
Shielded Cyberware -10% to -50%

Weapon Examples:

Chemical Examples:

Cyberware Examples: