Colt-MSG/T hiPower Handgun

"Smart guns listened, gave advice. In fact they gave so much advice that Colt were forced to get purchasers to sign exclusive clauses stating they understood their gun wasn't always right, that it could make mistakes and the manufacturers weren't financially liable for the results of those it did make."
- redRobe by Jon Courtenay Grimwood.

Note: Constructed using Syberman's Maas-Neotek Guide rules which cover the building and purchasing of AI Guides, such as Colin in Mona Lisa Overdrive by William Gibson.

The same type of weapon as used by Black Jack in the hit series WarChild. A Tactician Artificial Intelligence is built into the structure of a Colt-MSG/T automatic pistol, giving you a true smartgun. It can switch between three specialist ammo loads, eject empty clips, adjust it's own sights, advise you on tactics, aid navigation across unfamiliar territory, and provide access to specialist databases.
It's handgrip holds three clips running in parallel, each holding 19 rounds of either hollow-point exploding ceramic, phosphex (a combination of bioSemtex and white phosphorous), fragmentation flechettes (shiny black darts with tiny fins at the blunt end and a hair-thin strip of bioSemtex running from point to base), or standard 9mm rounds.

Cost: 600,000eb

Game Notes: INT 12, COOL 14, EMP 5, 4 CPUs, 200MU - taken up with skill programs and databases, Datawalls +8, Speed +5. Interface +8, System Knowledge +8, Programming +5, Education +5, Human Perception +3, Rhetoric +1, Intimidate +3, Leadership +2, Persuasion +3, Area Knowledge (various) +6, Awareness +8, Expert: Navigation +8, Hide/Evade +8, Shadow/Track +8,  Street Survival +8, Tactics +12, Teaching +9, Theology +3, Handgun +12, Weaponsmith +12

Options: radar detector, signal detector, metro database, vox-synth (customer picks a language and accent), satellite and radio link, synaptic interface, neural recognition security, hardened circuitry, and the Balrog protection software package.

Ceramic rounds do double penetrating damage, but armour SP is x 3,and are 90eb for 100 rounds (300% cost). Phosphex rounds treat SP as normal, do 1.5 x penetrating damage, anyone hit also takes 1d6 burning damage for the next 3 turns, armour has no effect if against burn damage if penetrated, and are 150eb for 100 rounds (500%). Fragmentation flechettes are 1/2 soft armour and do normal damage, and are 150eb for 100 rounds (500%).

P +3 J R 2d6+1 (9mm) 19x3 3 VR 50m 600,000eb

*This is Axl Borja's gun, which is later known as Rinpoche, from Jon Courtenay Grimwood's novel 'redRobe'. This game material should not be viewed as a challenge to the author's copyright.