A new take on the grapple hand, now you can have a grapple and effective offensive melee weapon all in one. Fitted in the arm itself, a bladed grappling hook can be fired with enough force to pierce flesh and bone, if the target is successfully caught he can be winched towards the user. The cyberhook is also useable as an ordinary grapple for climbing, and even as a hand-to-hand weapons.
There are also rumours of monomolecular crystal bladed hooks being available (2d6+3).

Game Notes: WA -1, 1d6+3 damage, 25m range, uses 1 option spaces. The 50m cable is 10 SDP. Surgery: N, HC: 3d6.

Cost: 2000eb


An altered BigRipp fitted with a monowire spooler and compressed air injector system. If the target's armour is penetrated by the BigRipp during the following round the injector system can be activated which pumps three meters of monowire past the target's armour at high speed. This usually results in the liquidzation of the hit body part.

Game Notes: 2d6 damage (1/2SP), 2d6# damage from the monowire. Surgery: M, HC: 3d6+1.

Cost: 2000eb

Folding Shield

One of the rules of a firefight is to find cover, but sometimes you can't find cover, or what you do find just isn't enough. Now you can carry your cover with you as part of your cyberarm. This cyberarm option consists of a folding, circular, memory metal, shield that attaches to the forearm. It doesn't provide much cover from firearms, but it can be used to protect unarmoured areas or other people. The shield really comes into it's own when used in melee combat.

Game Notes: SP 20, takes 1 space if hidden internally, or 0 spaces if fitted externally. Surgery: N, HC: 1d6/2.

Cost: 500eb