Exploding Bats

"First rats now bats, are the Bozos going to turn all rodents into weapons?"
- NCPD Police Officer.

The Bozos liked exploding rats, they became much loved pets...until they needed to use them as the Great Bozo intended. Rats were great for use in subways and buildings, but the Bozos wanted something even more insane. One day Rat Breeder Bozo (Breeder Bozo to his friends) started experimenting with flying rats, after many minutes of work he fashioned a crude set of wings, a few more minutes and he had a red stain on the sidewalk five stories below. That same night Breeder Bozo was awoken by a bat, he suddenly realized that criminals were a superstitious and cowardly lot, if he dressed as a bat he could fight crime, then he had an even better idea, he would breed bats (God's own winged rodents), and put them through a similar sort of conditioning as the exploding rats. The bats are taught to locate a subsonic transmitter, which is either attached to a person, flying remote, or cyberbat. Now the citizens of Night City must watch the skies, for if they see a bat shaped shadow reflecting from the underside of the clouds, they know that the mad Rat & Bat Breeder Bozo has finished training a new batch of exploding rodents.

Never one to let a good idea go to waste, the Bozos are also experimenting with exploding baseball bats, so far the baseball bats have killed the person hit and the wielder, every time they test the amount of explosive in the bat it costs them another Bozo.

Cost: Unknown, the rats are free, but the explosive and detonators are made only by the Bozos.

Game Notes: Bat - INT 1, REF 10, COOL 4, MA 10, BOD 1, EMP -4, SP 0, Awareness 4, Animal Sense Bonus 15 (added to sound based Awareness checks), Melee 2, 1 bite attack per round doing 1d6/3 damage, 500eb for a cloned bat.

Each is loaded with explosive equal to 1/4th Kg of C-6, which can do 2d10 damage over 1m. Any impact to the bat has an 70% chance of setting off the explosive, when a bat explodes near to other bats roll 1d6 (or 1d10 is an enclosed space)  to see how many bats within a meter of it also explode. See the explosive rules in Listen Up Primitive Screwheads for information on range bands, and multiple explosives, or roll total number of exploding bats x 2d10, with blast radius equal to number of bats/2 in meters.