Aerial Linear Frame

"Who on earth came up with the idea of strapping a winged linear frame onto your back and then throwing yourself off a building? The guy's a genius!!!"
- Scorpique (borderline cyberpsycho)

An unarmoured linear frame with an ACPA glider unit bolted onto it. It's meant for personal, though unconventional, aerial transport. Lately booster gangs have been using scrap-built versions of these to swoop down off skyscrapers and attack unsuspecting citizens. With enough skill a glider can even out manoeuvre an AV-4 in the tight city streets, but not usually it's minigun.

Game Notes: -2 REF, STR 16, SDP 16 (hit 20% of the time), plus D6+2 to hand-to-hand damage, lift: 755kg, carry: 195kg, weight: 195kg, 10,000eb.

The glider wings take 2D6 rounds to extend, and 3D6 rounds to retract, and allow a maximum velocity of 97m/round (32MA), and acceleration of 14m/round.