IEC All Terrain Personal Armour Transport

After an International Electric Corporation exec saw a home-built ACPA rickshaw in operation, he submitted a proposal to manufacture and market a better 'official' ACPA rickshaw, or as he put it in his presentation "an All Terrain Personal Armour Transport".

IEC took their 'Hero' class ACPA frame and covered it with a shell of Militech's P-Steel composite model 1, to get something that looked similar to the Militech & Trauma Team 'Lifeline' ACPA. IEC then added powered skates (117km/h), to save on pilot fatigue, climber claws and winch, so that the ATPAT can go over major obstacles (including buildings), and some defensive systems, including an EMP sponge, and smoke canisters. Okay at 55,000eb it's more expensive than a cab, but it's passenger is twice as well protected and it's still better value for money than an AV. Of course most ATPATs in service have had anti-personnel and even anti-vehicle weapon systems added.

Since it's release in 2021 it has rapidly been gaining popularity with those taxi and courier firms that have to operate in one of the many combat zones around the world. IEC have also made the wise move of donating a number of suits to DMS, for their next series of Combat Cab™.

Suit Name ATPAT Manufacturer IEC
Total Kg 682 kg SIB/DFB -1/+1
Chassis Hero STR 30 Chassis Kg 158 kg
Punch/Kick 4D10/6D10 Cap./Carry 1500/450 kg
Crush 4D10 Total Cost 55,000eb+
Leap max 7m Trooper Size 114 x 2
SP 40 Toughness Mod -8
Head (SDP) 7    
Internal SDP External SP/SDP
Wideband aperture:
low-lite, anti-dazzle
Headlight 10/5
Standard commo
Visual back-up
R.Arm (SDP) 7    
Climber claws 15 [30SP]    
Fire extinguisher 20    
L.Arm (SDP) 7    
Climber claws 15 [30SP]    
Winch & grapple 40    
R.Leg / L.Leg (SDP) 15    
Internal SDP External SP/SDP
Powered skates 20 [20SP] Smoke canister (R) 20/15
Climber claws 15 [30SP] Flash canister (L) 20/20
Torso (SDP) 22    
Internal SDP External SP/SDP
Escape hatch 30 Passenger cabin 40/40
1st Aid Kit
EMP sponge
BSP-rubber pellets 20/20
Advanced control system