Home-built ACPA Rickshaw

With most cities becoming so congested with traffic that most cars come with TVs and massage seats as standard, getting something, or someone, from point A to point B is either slow (taxi cab or bus), or expensive (AV taxi or Osprey); Add in the fact that motorcycles and pedi-cabs, while fast and able to slip through the traffic, don't supply the protection needed for trips through gang-territory, or even worse, the Combat Zone.

Fortunately the problem of fast, small(ish), armoured transport, has been tackled by an enterprising group of SouthAm techs and PA pilots living in South Night City. By scavenging lower powered ACPA frames, and armour, and then adding on retractable skates and a scratch-built passenger cab just behind the pilot's shoulders, they created the first ACPA rickshaws. Granted they do look a mess, and can only carry one passenger in minor discomfort, but pilots have been known to reach speeds of 55kph/35mph, and to make leaps of up to 6 meters. Anything the pilot can't evade will have trouble getting through the armour shell, which is usually equivalent to 75mm of steel armour protection.

Suit Name ACPA Rickshaw Manufacturer Custom
Total Kg 533 kg SIB/DFB -2/+1
Chassis STR 16 Chassis Kg 150 kg
Punch/Kick 2D10/3D10 Cap./Carry 800/240 kg
Crush 3D10 Total Cost 13,000eb+
Leap max 6m Trooper Size 114 x 2
SP 30 Toughness Mod -5
Head (SDP)    
Internal SDP External SP/SDP
Wideband aperture:
low-lite, anti-dazzle
Standard commo

R.Arm / L.Arm (SDP) 4/4    
R.Leg / L.Leg (SDP) 8/8    
Internal SDP External SP/SDP
    Unpowered skates 20/20
Torso (SDP) 12    
Internal SDP External SP/SDP
    Passenger cabin 25/40
Advanced control system